"ONLINE ARTS MUSEUM" Allows You To See Our Showcase Of Art For Sale & Or Display/Advertise Art From Artists Around The World!


Are you an artist? We're currently accepting orders from amateur and professional artists to submit your work for sale or display on our newest service, "ONLINE ARTS MUSEUM"



Your posting will include the following; A video and or static photo of your work and a link to same and or additional work at the site or page of your choosing. 


Allow our growing worldwide audience to be exposed to and enjoy, through sales and or display, your artistic creations! This is a low cost, high exposure, advertising program for artists that works. We are offering this service for artists who are looking for an affordable Advertising/Marketing opportunity that won't harm their budget. 


Our current introductory offer is; One post as described above that will be featured in our ONLINE ARTS MUSEUM for as long as Media Creative Companies website is on the worldwide web. You'll enjoy direct, referral, organic search exposure through our marketing endeavors that promote our products and services. This includes, currently, first page ranking for our key words... Media Creative Companies on most major search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more. We also enjoy first page ranking for our products and service to currently include our key words, Local Pizza Advertising, Local Pizzeria Advertising, this includes web results and video results. 


You can take advantage of this offer for a limited time, to be determined as price is subject to change at any time with public notice for an introductory, one time payment of $99.00. Your post will be listed first and then you'll be sent to our payment processing department in order for you to submit your payment, upon your approval of your post. 


(Order approval subject to our "terms of agreement" found here- https://www.mediacreativecompanies.com/pages/terms-tos-policy.html 


To place an order, please submit your name, web address of your art work, a photo and or video of your work to our address at this page - https://www.mediacreativecompanies.com/pages/official-business-mail.html Use same address for any questions you may have. Please, no spam, thank you. Media Creative Companies