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The following are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Media Creative Companies herein also known as MCC and or John Williams/Sole Proprietor interchangeably;



Legal Age - You must be at least 13 years of age to utilize in any way this website; www.MediaCreativeCompanies.com with the exception of ordering any of the products and or services offered herein whereby you must be at least 18 years of age.

Prohibitions -  You agree that you will not use our methods of contact ie., contact forms and or email addresses for the use of spam and or any illegal content and content not expressly specified within the content of this website to include required product and or service information that you may provide at your own free will. We reserve the right to refuse any order for which we do not approve including but not limited to; Content Sexually related in any way, hate speech or related, immoral in any way, spiritistic, Racist, political, astrology, religious, violence etc. Contact us to make any inquiries for our approval prior to ordering at our contact page HERE.   

Your information -  MCC does not collect and store any data that you provide including but not limited to email addresses, personal and or business names and website addresses for any purpose other than fulfillment of products and or services ordered by you & to gain insight as to how we can improve & or modify our products and services according to whom have an interest in them . MCC will not provide in any way ie., sell your information that you may provide as aforementioned in this same paragraph to any party, with the exception of cases and or situations whereby federal and state law may require it. Any payment information you provide is provided to our payment processing companies ie, PayPal. Media Creative Companies/MCC/John Williams does not ever see any of your personal and private data except required for production and or delivery of products and service that you order. We never see or have access to any of your financial information. Media Creative Companies, Orlando, Florida, name, logo and website: www.MediaCreativeCompanies.com along with it's content is protected under copyright Law and must not be altered, copied or utilized in any way other than sharing the existence of said information via social media, email, word of mouth  etc. without the express written consent of Media Creative Companies. Any of the images contained herein this website www.MediaCreativeCompanies.com shall be included in same with the exception of images in the public domain as listed by but not limited to Google Advanced Search and shall be considered property of Media Creative Companies.

GDPR -  Media Creative Companies At It's Sole Discretion Chooses Not To Conduct Any Business Transactions With European Union Countries and Will Not Store And Collect Any Data With Regard To Website Visitors From EU Member Countries. 


Indemnification -  MCC will not be responsible for any harm or alleged harm to you and by you as a result of your use of and or any of the content contained herein at www.MediaCreativeCompanies.com and you agree to indemnify Media Creative Companies against any damages you or others allege or experience as a result of your utilization of it's website www.MediaCreativeCompanies.com and or it's products and or services presented therein except as prescribed and required by law. 


Changes - MCC shall at it's sole discretion or as required or prohibited by United States Federal or State law modify  the policies and or terms of use and or service without notification to any party and at any time. As we do not maintain a database of your information as outlined and described in "Your information" section of this agreement, it is your sole responsibility to refresh your knowledge and agreement of and to these policies and  terms of service or use in the foregoing future in perpetuity unless otherwise stated via modification of the aforementioned herein this agreement in same agreement section "Changes".  

Company -  Media Creative Companies is the sole enterprise of John Williams / sole proprietor and is located in Orlando, Florida U.S.A.


Agreement -  By Utilizing this website and it's content in any way as outlined above, you agree to the entirety of it's policies and or terms of use/agreement/service.