Best Ways To Advertise My Pizzeria

Here for you are seven tips that have been time tested and proven. By implementing these in your marketing and advertisng plans, you'll gain an important advantage that major corporations enjoy. 






For decades, pizzerias have used television and radio to gain local customers. Additionally, paper advertising 
in magazines and newspapers have been a mainstay. Now and since the advent of the internet, pizza 
owners/managers have been utilizing blogs and podcasts in order to get noticed by the local pizza hungry consumers. Lastly mentioned here will be the video. Yes, the all important video.

Without going into much detail about each, let it be said that, no matter which form of aforementioned 
advertising you use, the return on investment is an all important factor, to include cost per customer. That is 
to say, how much you spend on a advertisement divided by how many trackable customers you've gained from it. This will give you the "Cost Per Customer". That of course, is only the beginning of the equation of cost per 
customer. Other factors include the resources that it takes to serve that customer from ad to table.


Here are seven tips that when implemented, will serve you and your potential and current customers, well.

1. Try to start wisely by considering the cost per customer and the resources equation. Choose advertising and 
or methods that track how your new and or repeat customers became aware of you and or your current special 
offers. This will help you to make wise decisions in your choice of advertising to begin with.

2. Stay within your service area with your choice of advertising. While an advertising medium may have a broad 
reach, it's only to your advantage in a limited capacity. So, to maximize your exposure to hungry pizza lovers near you and have them quickly ordering from you, you must go to where they go. One way to do this is to consider who your audience is, what age, gender, income bracket and what their activities and spending habits are, etc. It is not smart to say, "I want everyone as a customer". Reason being is, the paying customer is attracted to more than just food. They want convenience, variety, atmosphere and consistency, to name a few things. So, how does your pizzeria meet those challenges? The answer... by knowing who you are and which customer type of person will be most attracted to you and your establishment. Starting by focusing there is another basis in spending your ad money wisely. While this sounds simple enough, you'd be surprised at how woefully misunderstood and under utilized these insights are and, no doubt will continue to be. The exception being you, the reader of this article. Right?           


3. Factor into your planning the cost of advertising and how much it will cost to implement the strategies in point number 2. above.

4. Image matters. The impression you give to your audience can make or break you and, in perpetuity when it 
comes to video advertising on the internet as, these videos can remain on the internet for years and years.
Therefore, you may want to consider the appearance of your employees and even yourself, the pizzeria 
owner/manager. Even the words you choose make a difference up or down, to the potential customer.

As for appearance, while it's not important for one to look like a movie actor or model, do you have unkempt hair, noticeable cuts, scabs or bruises on you? This is a major turn off to your viewer. Would you be hungry after viewing such things? Are you wearing clothing that relates to your target customer, IE., ball cap, jewelry, business attire? This matters as, "Birds of a feather flock together". Are you describing your product, service and so on in a way that your potential customer can relate to? While you want to be yourself, the words you use and how you say them matter. Slang? Maybe, yet, speak their language, so to speak, and don't cajole your audience.

5. Treat your advertising as a ongoing series of campaigns. Trying to let the potential customer know everything 
about your business in a thirty second t.v. commercial, for example, is like oversell. You said a lot and 
yet, what can they remember? Usually, the word pizza. Save more content for a video ad on the internet, for 
example, and try to use an economy of words within the ad. Be descriptive but not too descriptive.

You will benefit if you start with ads that describe your business and who you are, the specific uniqueness of your menu items and where to find you. Your next ad would focus on the atmosphere that you've prepared for your guest(s) to include again, who you are and where to find you. In the next, you may want to mention who you are in terms of your experience in the business and from there, the next ad could include, who loves your pizza and other things about you and your business. This can be in the form of written or video customer testimonials from customers within your main customer demographic. Staying focused on your main type of customer demographic will help you to subtly leverage consistency in the mind of the customer. A Customer demographic includes age, gender, income level etc.

6. Ask questions of whatever sales rep walks through your door, based on the aforementioned considerations and how they can help you meet your advertising goals based on them.

7. Lastly, although you, as a business owner/manager, have precious little extra time on your hands, make these things a mandatory part of your business duties. Include in these things, knowing a bit more about the inside scene of advertising mediums, the equipment used, techniques, rationale, personnel expertise, etc. used in the ad business.


In conclusion;


By implementing the tips within this article in your pizzeria/restaurant business advertising pursuits, you 
will gain positive traction over failure, your competition and even the shady ad sales person who'll 
promise you the moon, while you watch their fellow sales people eat at your table, too often and for free. If 
you don't know what this means now, you will in time. Hint hint... radio trade-outs.

While there is so much more that can be added to the list of information in this article, you've got more work to do. So, pace yourself by implementing small slices (pun intended) into your time schedule and, before you know it, you'll be far and away more equipped to benefit from your advertising than you may have been before you've read this article. Oh, and if you've gained from this information, please share it with your fellow pizzeria friends, those of whom are not in your service area, of course.

All the best to you in your wholesome pizza advertising pursuits!


John Williams - Webmaster/Owner of Media Creative Companies (John is also, in his spare time a Pizzuoli. He is also experienced in marketing and advertising with three decades of experience.


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